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A Message to my Father

Custom Rental Management - Friday, June 17, 2022

During my childhood, I thought my father was just like other fathers going to work every day, being tired at night and going to church on Sundays.  There was no such thing as family vacations.  

My father was the middle child of a large family.  Not only the younger siblings but the older siblings as well came to him for advice.  

I lost my father to cancer in my 20's.  I was shocked to see hundreds of people outside the funeral home lining the sidewalk on a cold winter night to pay their respects.  The mourners told me stories regarding how my father touched their lives   Little did I know who my father was outside my narrow minded world.  

My father's biggest gifts to me were a feeling of security, love and faith.  I wish I had told him how much those gifts meant then and still mean all these years later.