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Are you "Three Feet from Gold?"

Custom Rental Management - Tuesday, November 10, 2020

R.U. Darby and his uncle got caught up with "gold fever" and headed wet.  After weeks of labor they were rewarded with what appeared to be one of the richest mines in Colorado.  But despite countless days of drilling, the profitable vein of gold ore soon disappeared.  Frustrated and discouraged they sold all their equipment to a junk dealer for a few hundred dollars and headed home.  

The wise junk dealer called in a mining engineer who advised that the project had failed because the Darby's weren't familiar with "fault lines."  His calculations showed that the vein would be found just three feet from where the Darby's had stopped drilling.

And that's exactly where the junk dealer discovered one of the largest deposits of gold up to that time.  

It rewarded him millions of dollars because he knew enough to seek expert counsel before giving up.