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Kintsugi Technique - A Lesson in Life

Custom Rental Management - Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Kintsugi Technique suggests many things.  We shouldn't throw away broken objects.  When an object breaks, it doesn't mean that it is no longer useful.  It's breakage can become valuable.  We should try to repair things because sometimes in doing so we obtain more valuable objects.  This is the essence of resilience.  Each of us should look for a way to cope with traumatic events in a positive way, learn from negative experiences and take the best from them and convince ourselves that exactly these experiences make each person unique, precious.  

The scars become what to exhibit.  With this technique it is possible to create true and always different works of art, each with its own story and beauty, thanks to the unique cracks formed when the object breaks, as if they were wounds that leave different marks on each of us.  

Source:  Lifegate